Christoph Berg

IHS Markit

Managing Director, F.O. Licht

Christoph has been the Managing Director of F.O. Licht since 2007.

He has more than 25 years of experience researching and writing specialist news and analysis for and about the ethanol, sugar and feed industries. Based in Ratzeburg, Christoph appears regularly on conference panels to discuss matters related to the industry. He provides clients with analysis, information, overviews and forecasts to aid their business decision process.This helps with the development of costing models, presentations and evaluation of procurement/marketing programs. Part of Christoph's role also involves presenting to agribusinesses, sugar and biofuel organizations, financial entities, academic associations and government agencies in Europe and abroad. He came to Agribusiness Intelligence in 1994. Christoph holds a PhD in economics from the Technical University of Berlin.

Sessions With Christoph Berg

Thursday, 11 March