WPC Executive Conference

Executive Conference

Access to timely information, analysis, insights and outlooks amid such turbulence has never been more imperative than it is right now.

The Executive Conference will feature panel discussions on critical issues emerging in the global market from senior executives in the chemical and related industries. 


Fundamental changes in demand have taken place, which could drive long-term shifts in the market overall. How will supply respond to the health, economic and industry shakeup? How will this shape restructuring and M&A activity? Who will survive and thrive? 


The energy transition and sustainability agenda has forged ahead even as the world battles the COVID-19 health crisis. New trends remain critical for the viability of the industry and environment. Market leaders have made commitments to sustainability and are pushing on with initiatives to promote the circular economy. What else must the industry and companies do to bring change? 

Regional cost competitiveness

The dramatic collapse in crude oil prices during early 2020 has long-term implications for regional cost-competitiveness. How will regional competitiveness shape up in the near term? Will the U.S. and the Middle East regain the cost advantage that disappeared with lower crude oil prices? 


The pandemic crisis has highlighted weak links in global supply chains and the risks of overdependence on a single source. Will the world retreat into regionalization and protectionism in the midst of trade conflicts and disrupted supply chains?