WPC 2022 Speakers


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  • Daniel Yergin

    S&P Global

    Vice Chairman

    ["Daniel Yergin","S&P Global","Vice Chairman","Spotlight Speakers","Industry Experts"]
  • Yousef Abdullah Al-Benyan


    Vice Chairman and CEO

    ["Yousef Abdullah Al-Benyan","SABIC","Vice Chairman and CEO","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Adriano Alfani



    ["Adriano Alfani","Versalis","CEO","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Atul Arya

    S&P Global

    Senior Vice President, Energy

    ["Atul Arya","S&P Global","Senior Vice President, Energy","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Chris Ashton


    Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

    ["Chris Ashton","Worley","Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Nikhil Ati

    McKinsey & Company


    ["Nikhil Ati","McKinsey & Company","Partner","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Martin Brudermüller


    Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors

    ["Martin Brudermüller","BASF SE","Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Elizabeth Carlson

    Tricon Energy

    Chief Sustainability Officer

    ["Elizabeth Carlson","Tricon Energy","Chief Sustainability Officer","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Tim Cesarek


    Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

    ["Tim Cesarek","Gevo","Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Stan Chen

    RecycleGO Inc.

    President and CEO

    ["Stan Chen","RecycleGO Inc.","President and CEO","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Bruce Chinn

    Chevron Phillips Chemical

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Bruce Chinn","Chevron Phillips Chemical","Chief Executive Officer","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Christine Chow

    HSBC Global Asset Management

    Head of Stewardship

    ["Christine Chow","HSBC Global Asset Management","Head of Stewardship","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Brandy Christian

    Port New Orleans

    President and CEO

    ["Brandy Christian","Port New Orleans","President and CEO","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Tom Crotty

    Ineos Group


    ["Tom Crotty","Ineos Group","Director","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Leon de Bruyn

    Lummus Technology

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Leon de Bruyn","Lummus Technology","President & Chief Executive Officer","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Greg Dolan

    Methanol Institute


    ["Greg Dolan","Methanol Institute","CEO","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Mark Eramo

    S&P Global Commodity Insights

    Senior Vice President, Fuels, Chemicals & Resource Solutions

    ["Mark Eramo","S&P Global Commodity Insights","Senior Vice President, Fuels, Chemicals & Resource Solutions","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Jim Fitterling


    Chairman and CEO

    ["Jim Fitterling","Dow","Chairman and CEO","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Paul Gruenwald

    S&P Global Ratings

    Global Chief Economist

    ["Paul Gruenwald","S&P Global Ratings","Global Chief Economist","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Rob Hanson


    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Rob Hanson","Monolith","Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Steve Hedrick


    Chairman, President and CEO

    ["Steve Hedrick","MATRIC","Chairman, President and CEO","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Chris Jahn

    American Chemistry Council (ACC)

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    ["Chris Jahn","American Chemistry Council (ACC)","President and Chief Executive Officer","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Kenneth Lane


    Interim Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President, Global Olefins & Polyolefins (O&P)

    ["Kenneth Lane","LyondellBasell","Interim Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President, Global Olefins & Polyolefins (O&P)","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Karen McKee

    ExxonMobil Chemical Company


    ["Karen McKee","ExxonMobil Chemical Company","President","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Nikhil Meswani

    Reliance Industries Limited

    Executive Director, Member of the Board

    ["Nikhil Meswani","Reliance Industries Limited","Executive Director, Member of the Board","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Mohd Yusri Mohamed Yusof

    PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad

    Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

    ["Mohd Yusri Mohamed Yusof","PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad","Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Robin Mooldijk

    Shell Chemicals and Products

    Executive Vice President

    ["Robin Mooldijk","Shell Chemicals and Products","Executive Vice President","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Roberto Noronha Santos


    President and CEO

    ["Roberto Noronha Santos","UNIGEL","President and CEO","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Guanglian Pang

    China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF)

    Executive Board Member

    ["Guanglian Pang","China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF)","Executive Board Member","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Carlos Pascual

    S&P Global Commodity Insights

    Senior Vice President, Head of Geopolitics & International Affairs

    ["Carlos Pascual","S&P Global Commodity Insights","Senior Vice President, Head of Geopolitics & International Affairs","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Lori Ryerkerk



    ["Lori Ryerkerk","Celanese","CEO","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Luis Sierra

    NOVA Chemicals

    President, Chief Executive Officer

    ["Luis Sierra","NOVA Chemicals","President, Chief Executive Officer","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Lyn Tattum

    S&P Global Commodity Insights

    Vice President, Head of Events, Training and Media

    ["Lyn Tattum","S&P Global Commodity Insights","Vice President, Head of Events, Training and Media","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • SM Vaidya



    ["SM Vaidya","IndianOil","Chairman","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Jacques Vandermeiren

    Antwerp Port Authority


    ["Jacques Vandermeiren","Antwerp Port Authority","CEO","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Richard C. Wall

    Bechtel Energy

    Principal Vice President, General Manager, Downstream & Chemical

    ["Richard C. Wall","Bechtel Energy","Principal Vice President, General Manager, Downstream & Chemical","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Colin Ward


    Senior Vice President Process Automation, Chemicals & Refining

    ["Colin Ward","ABB","Senior Vice President Process Automation, Chemicals & Refining","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Kimberly Wise White


    Vice President, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs

    ["Kimberly Wise White","ACC","Vice President, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs","Spotlight Speakers"]
  • Hady Abdulhady

    thyssenkrupp Uhde USA

    Director, Business Development and Sales

    ["Hady Abdulhady","thyssenkrupp Uhde USA","Director, Business Development and Sales","Industry Experts"]
  • Abdulrahman Al Ateek


    Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs

    ["Abdulrahman Al Ateek","Borouge","Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs","Industry Experts"]
  • Rayan Almatar

    Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF)

    Credit Relationship Manager

    ["Rayan Almatar","Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF)","Credit Relationship Manager","Industry Experts"]
  • Joshua Baca

    American Chemistry Council

    Vice President, Plastics Division

    ["Joshua Baca","American Chemistry Council","Vice President, Plastics Division","Industry Experts"]
  • Fellipe Balieiro

    S&P Global

    Director, Refining and Marketing

    ["Fellipe Balieiro","S&P Global","Director, Refining and Marketing","Industry Experts"]
  • Kate Ballengee

    Metro Group Maritime

    Counsel and Director, Business Development

    ["Kate Ballengee","Metro Group Maritime","Counsel and Director, Business Development","Industry Experts"]
  • Don Bari

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Technology & Analytics

    ["Don Bari","S&P Global","Vice President, Technology & Analytics","Industry Experts"]
  • Kurt Barrow

    S&P Global Commodity Insights

    Head of Oil Markets, Midstream & Downstream Research

    ["Kurt Barrow","S&P Global Commodity Insights","Head of Oil Markets, Midstream & Downstream Research","Industry Experts"]
  • John Barsby

    S&P Global

    Executive Director

    ["John Barsby","S&P Global","Executive Director","Industry Experts"]
  • Lukasz Bednarski

    S&P Global

    Associate Director

    ["Lukasz Bednarski","S&P Global","Associate Director","Industry Experts"]
  • Sarvesh Bhavaraju

    Bechtel Energy Technology Solutions

    Manager, Solutions Delivery

    ["Sarvesh Bhavaraju","Bechtel Energy Technology Solutions","Manager, Solutions Delivery","Industry Experts"]
  • Adam Bland

    S&P Global

    Executive Director

    ["Adam Bland","S&P Global","Executive Director","Industry Experts"]
  • Wouter Bleukx


    Hydrogen BU Manager

    ["Wouter Bleukx","Inovyn","Hydrogen BU Manager","Industry Experts"]
  • Nico Bouwkamp

    California Fuel Cell Partnership

    Technical Program Manager

    ["Nico Bouwkamp","California Fuel Cell Partnership","Technical Program Manager","Industry Experts"]
  • Melanie Bower

    ExxonMobil Chemical

    Senior Sustainability Advisor, New Market Development

    ["Melanie Bower","ExxonMobil Chemical","Senior Sustainability Advisor, New Market Development","Industry Experts"]
  • Travis Boyle


    Director, Supply Chain & Business Development

    ["Travis Boyle","Altivia","Director, Supply Chain & Business Development","Industry Experts"]
  • Aaron Brady

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Crude Oil Market Services

    ["Aaron Brady","S&P Global","Vice President, Crude Oil Market Services","Industry Experts"]
  • Benjamin Brooks

    S&P Global Platts

    Global Recycling Lead

    ["Benjamin Brooks","S&P Global Platts","Global Recycling Lead","Industry Experts"]
  • Neil Bruton

    Bechtel Energy

    Site Manager

    ["Neil Bruton","Bechtel Energy","Site Manager","Industry Experts"]
  • John Bryant

    The Sulphur Institute

    President and CEO

    ["John Bryant","The Sulphur Institute","President and CEO","Industry Experts"]
  • Céline Büchel

    S&P Global

    Associate Director, Battery Materials

    ["Céline Büchel","S&P Global","Associate Director, Battery Materials","Industry Experts"]
  • Antonia Bullard

    S&P Global

    Senior Associate

    ["Antonia Bullard","S&P Global","Senior Associate","Industry Experts"]
  • Jim Burkhard

    S&P Global

    Vice President & Head of Research for Oil Markets, Energy & Mobility

    ["Jim Burkhard","S&P Global","Vice President & Head of Research for Oil Markets, Energy & Mobility","Industry Experts"]
  • Rich Byrnes

    Port Houston

    Chief Infrastructure Officer

    ["Rich Byrnes","Port Houston","Chief Infrastructure Officer","Industry Experts"]
  • Adrian Calcaneo

    S&P Global

    Director, Latin America & the Caribbean NGL Lead, Midstream Oil & NGL

    ["Adrian Calcaneo","S&P Global","Director, Latin America & the Caribbean NGL Lead, Midstream Oil & NGL","Industry Experts"]
  • Francesco Cangioli

    Baker Hughes

    Compression Technologies New Product Development Manager

    ["Francesco Cangioli","Baker Hughes","Compression Technologies New Product Development Manager","Industry Experts"]
  • Mitch Carmichael

    West Virginia Department of Economic Development

    Cabinet Secretary

    ["Mitch Carmichael","West Virginia Department of Economic Development","Cabinet Secretary","Industry Experts"]
  • Ricardo Castillo

    S&P Global

    Director, Downstream Energy’s Research Group

    ["Ricardo Castillo","S&P Global","Director, Downstream Energy’s Research Group","Industry Experts"]
  • Richard Charlesworth

    S&P Global Commodity Insights

    Executive Director, Industry Processes and Cost Analytics

    ["Richard Charlesworth","S&P Global Commodity Insights","Executive Director, Industry Processes and Cost Analytics","Industry Experts"]
  • Amit Chaturvedi

    Reliance Industries

    Head – SCM, Petrochemicals

    ["Amit Chaturvedi","Reliance Industries","Head – SCM, Petrochemicals","Industry Experts"]
  • Debnil Chowdhury

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Refining and Marketing

    ["Debnil Chowdhury","S&P Global","Vice President, Refining and Marketing","Industry Experts"]
  • Keith Couch

    Honeywell UOP

    Senior Director, Technology Sales & Integrated Projects

    ["Keith Couch","Honeywell UOP","Senior Director, Technology Sales & Integrated Projects","Industry Experts"]
  • Matt Cybulski


    Managing Director, Energy and Chemical

    ["Matt Cybulski","JobsOhio","Managing Director, Energy and Chemical","Industry Experts"]
  • Premasish Das

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Research and analysis Oil Markets, Midstream/Downstream, Asia and the Middle East

    ["Premasish Das","S&P Global","Vice President, Research and analysis Oil Markets, Midstream/Downstream, Asia and the Middle East","Industry Experts"]
  • Jelle Dierckx

    Port of Antwerp

    Manager Invest & Development, Customer Relations Department

    ["Jelle Dierckx","Port of Antwerp","Manager Invest & Development, Customer Relations Department","Industry Experts"]
  • Georgy Eliseev

    S&P Global

    Principal Ammonia Analyst

    ["Georgy Eliseev","S&P Global","Principal Ammonia Analyst","Industry Experts"]
  • Daniel Evans

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Head of Refining and Marketing

    ["Daniel Evans","S&P Global","Vice President, Head of Refining and Marketing","Industry Experts"]
  • Emmanuel A. Gallegos

    S&P Global Platts

    Managing Editor-Olefins & Polymers, Americas Petrochemicals

    ["Emmanuel A. Gallegos","S&P Global Platts","Managing Editor-Olefins & Polymers, Americas Petrochemicals","Industry Experts"]
  • Ross Gibby


    Chief Operating Officer

    ["Ross Gibby","CRDC","Chief Operating Officer","Industry Experts"]
  • Sara Garza González

    Kansas City Southern de Mexico

    Director, Chemical and Petroleum Marketing, U.S. and Mexico

    ["Sara Garza González","Kansas City Southern de Mexico","Director, Chemical and Petroleum Marketing, U.S. and Mexico","Industry Experts"]
  • Elvira Greiner

    S&P Global

    Research and Analysis Associate Director

    ["Elvira Greiner","S&P Global","Research and Analysis Associate Director","Industry Experts"]
  • Will Groten

    Lummus Technology

    Chief Innovation Officer

    ["Will Groten","Lummus Technology","Chief Innovation Officer","Industry Experts"]
  • Jennifer Guenther


    Vice President, Investor Relations

    ["Jennifer Guenther","TRONOX","Vice President, Investor Relations","Industry Experts"]
  • Roger Guenther

    Port Houston

    Executive Director

    ["Roger Guenther","Port Houston","Executive Director","Industry Experts"]
  • Marifaith Hackett

    S&P Global

    Executive Director, Renewables & Nutrition

    ["Marifaith Hackett","S&P Global","Executive Director, Renewables & Nutrition","Industry Experts"]
  • Kristen Hays

    S&P Global Platts

    Global Market Lead, Polymers

    ["Kristen Hays","S&P Global Platts","Global Market Lead, Polymers","Industry Experts"]
  • Tara Henriksen


    Managing Director, Responsible Care®

    ["Tara Henriksen","ACC","Managing Director, Responsible Care®","Industry Experts"]
  • Benedikt Heuser

    FEV Europe GmbH

    Group Director, Business Unit Energy

    ["Benedikt Heuser","FEV Europe GmbH","Group Director, Business Unit Energy","Industry Experts"]
  • Laura Hodges

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Pricing and Purchasing

    ["Laura Hodges","S&P Global","Vice President, Pricing and Purchasing","Industry Experts"]
  • Bei Hu

    Linde Greater China

    Head of Linde East China/Head of Linde Clean Hydrogen

    ["Bei Hu","Linde Greater China","Head of Linde East China/Head of Linde Clean Hydrogen","Industry Experts"]
  • Max Ismagilov

    S&P Global

    Senior Research Analyst, Urea

    ["Max Ismagilov","S&P Global","Senior Research Analyst, Urea","Industry Experts"]
  • Jerry James

    Artex Oil Company


    ["Jerry James","Artex Oil Company","President","Industry Experts"]
  • Aida Jebens

    S&P Global

    Director, Specialty Chemicals

    ["Aida Jebens","S&P Global","Director, Specialty Chemicals","Industry Experts"]
  • Stephen Jew

    S&P Global

    Director, Global Refining and Marketing

    ["Stephen Jew","S&P Global","Director, Global Refining and Marketing","Industry Experts"]
  • Jennifer Jewson

    Lyondellbasell Industries

    Vice President, Global Procurement Strategic Materials and Sustainable Solutions

    ["Jennifer Jewson","Lyondellbasell Industries","Vice President, Global Procurement Strategic Materials and Sustainable Solutions","Industry Experts"]
  • Eric Johnson

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Technology, JOC

    ["Eric Johnson","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Technology, JOC","Industry Experts"]
  • Karen Jones

    Vice President

    S&P Global

    ["Karen Jones","Vice President","S&P Global","Industry Experts"]
  • Mike Kelly

    S&P Global

    Director, Strategic Analytics and Process Technology

    ["Mike Kelly","S&P Global","Director, Strategic Analytics and Process Technology","Industry Experts"]
  • Shelley Kerr

    S&P Global Platts

    Senior Director, Global Head of Petrochemicals & Freight Markets

    ["Shelley Kerr","S&P Global Platts","Senior Director, Global Head of Petrochemicals & Freight Markets","Industry Experts"]
  • Alex Klaessig

    S&P Global

    Senior Director

    ["Alex Klaessig","S&P Global","Senior Director","Industry Experts"]
  • Karin Krchnak


    Managing Director, Sustainability & Market Outreach

    ["Karin Krchnak","ACC","Managing Director, Sustainability & Market Outreach","Industry Experts"]
  • Viswanath Krishnan


    Industry Leader, Chemicals Segment

    ["Viswanath Krishnan","IBM","Industry Leader, Chemicals Segment","Industry Experts"]
  • David Lademan

    S&P Global Platts

    Associate Editor, Container Markets

    ["David Lademan","S&P Global Platts","Associate Editor, Container Markets","Industry Experts"]
  • Carsten Larsen


    Chief Commercial Officer

    ["Carsten Larsen","Agilyx","Chief Commercial Officer","Industry Experts"]
  • Jennifer Lee


    Vice President, Business Development – Plastics Recovery

    ["Jennifer Lee","Worley","Vice President, Business Development – Plastics Recovery","Industry Experts"]
  • Cleantho de Paiva Leite Filho

    Braskem Idesa

    Director, Energy and Strategic Feedstock and External Communications

    ["Cleantho de Paiva Leite Filho","Braskem Idesa","Director, Energy and Strategic Feedstock and External Communications","Industry Experts"]
  • Garrie Li

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Business Development Asia

    ["Garrie Li","S&P Global","Vice President, Business Development Asia","Industry Experts"]
  • Stephen Li

    S&P Global

    Consulting Director, Biofuels

    ["Stephen Li","S&P Global","Consulting Director, Biofuels","Industry Experts"]
  • Eric Linak

    S&P Global

    Executive Director, Resins & Coatings

    ["Eric Linak","S&P Global","Executive Director, Resins & Coatings","Industry Experts"]
  • Harry Liu

    S&P Global

    Executive Director, Downstream Consulting APAC

    ["Harry Liu","S&P Global","Executive Director, Downstream Consulting APAC","Industry Experts"]
  • Steve Mahon

    MURA Technology


    ["Steve Mahon","MURA Technology","CEO","Industry Experts"]
  • Mike Malveda

    S&P Global

    Director, Specialty Chemicals

    ["Mike Malveda","S&P Global","Director, Specialty Chemicals","Industry Experts"]
  • Olivier Maronneaud

    S&P Global

    Director, Chemical Consulting

    ["Olivier Maronneaud","S&P Global","Director, Chemical Consulting","Industry Experts"]
  • Brian Matt

    New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

    Director, Head of ESG Advisory

    ["Brian Matt","New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)","Director, Head of ESG Advisory","Industry Experts"]
  • Paul McConnell

    S&P Global

    Executive Director, Climate and Sustainability

    ["Paul McConnell","S&P Global","Executive Director, Climate and Sustainability","Industry Experts"]
  • Veeral Mehta

    S&P Global

    Executive Director, Midstream NGL

    ["Veeral Mehta","S&P Global","Executive Director, Midstream NGL","Industry Experts"]
  • Bart Michiels


    Business Unit Manager – Caustics

    ["Bart Michiels","Inovyn","Business Unit Manager – Caustics","Industry Experts"]
  • Jimmy Miller


    Process Safety Business Leader

    ["Jimmy Miller","Yokogawa","Process Safety Business Leader","Industry Experts"]
  • Mark Morgan

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Chemicals Consulting

    ["Mark Morgan","S&P Global","Vice President, Chemicals Consulting","Industry Experts"]
  • Erik Moy

    Technip Energies

    Technology Licensing Manager

    ["Erik Moy","Technip Energies","Technology Licensing Manager","Industry Experts"]
  • Wesley Muir

    Veolia North America

    Business Development Manager

    ["Wesley Muir","Veolia North America","Business Development Manager","Industry Experts"]
  • Ganesh Nagarajan


    Associate Director, Polymers Business Development and Projects

    ["Ganesh Nagarajan","LyondellBasell","Associate Director, Polymers Business Development and Projects","Industry Experts"]
  • Rajiv Narang

    S&P Global

    Director, Process Economic Program

    ["Rajiv Narang","S&P Global","Director, Process Economic Program","Industry Experts"]
  • Ravi Narayanaswamy

    S&P Global

    Vice President, OMDC- APAC and Middle East

    ["Ravi Narayanaswamy","S&P Global","Vice President, OMDC- APAC and Middle East","Industry Experts"]
  • Punithan Natarajan

    Lloyd’s Register Digital Products

    Product Manager

    ["Punithan Natarajan","Lloyd’s Register Digital Products","Product Manager","Industry Experts"]
  • Jonathan O. Smith


    Director, Chemical Development

    ["Jonathan O. Smith","Gevo","Director, Chemical Development","Industry Experts"]
  • John Page

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Oil, Mid-Downstream and Chemical Consulting

    ["John Page","S&P Global","Vice President, Oil, Mid-Downstream and Chemical Consulting","Industry Experts"]
  • Yuya Pan

    S&P Global

    Sulphur Analyst, Fertecon

    ["Yuya Pan","S&P Global","Sulphur Analyst, Fertecon","Industry Experts"]
  • Suresh Pandita

    thyssenkrupp Uhde

    Regional Head Sales and BD, Green Hydrogen

    ["Suresh Pandita","thyssenkrupp Uhde","Regional Head Sales and BD, Green Hydrogen","Industry Experts"]
  • Jon Penrice

    Dow Inc.

    President, Asia Pacific

    ["Jon Penrice","Dow Inc.","President, Asia Pacific","Industry Experts"]
  • Felipe Perez

    S&P Global

    Latin America Downstream Strategist and Research Director, Oil Markets, Midstream and Downstream Energy

    ["Felipe Perez","S&P Global","Latin America Downstream Strategist and Research Director, Oil Markets, Midstream and Downstream Energy","Industry Experts"]
  • Alberto Persona

    S&P Global

    Associate Director, Phosphate and Potash

    ["Alberto Persona","S&P Global","Associate Director, Phosphate and Potash","Industry Experts"]
  • Tomas Peshkatari


    Managing Director

    ["Tomas Peshkatari","Blackrock","Managing Director","Industry Experts"]
  • Allan Pickett

    S&P Global

    Head of Analysis - Fertilizers

    ["Allan Pickett","S&P Global","Head of Analysis - Fertilizers","Industry Experts"]
  • Mark Plamondon

    Alberta's Industrial Heartland Association

    Executive Director

    ["Mark Plamondon","Alberta's Industrial Heartland Association","Executive Director","Industry Experts"]
  • Jeffrey S. Plotkin

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Chemical and Energy Training

    ["Jeffrey S. Plotkin","S&P Global","Vice President, Chemical and Energy Training","Industry Experts"]
  • Wayne Poindexter


    Senior Manager

    ["Wayne Poindexter","Shell","Senior Manager","Industry Experts"]
  • Andreas Posavac

    S&P Global

    Executive Director, Head of Global ESG, M&A and Governance Advisory

    ["Andreas Posavac","S&P Global","Executive Director, Head of Global ESG, M&A and Governance Advisory","Industry Experts"]
  • Tony Potter

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Specialty Chemicals

    ["Tony Potter","S&P Global","Vice President, Specialty Chemicals","Industry Experts"]
  • Rina Quijada

    S&P Global Commodity Insights

    Vice President Industry Executive Advisory Latin America

    ["Rina Quijada","S&P Global Commodity Insights","Vice President Industry Executive Advisory Latin America","Industry Experts"]
  • Joonas Rauramo


    Executive Vice President, Strategy and Industrial Partnerships

    ["Joonas Rauramo","Coolbrook","Executive Vice President, Strategy and Industrial Partnerships","Industry Experts"]
  • Oz Rodriguez

    Lloyd’s Register Digital Products

    Head of Product GTM Strategy

    ["Oz Rodriguez","Lloyd’s Register Digital Products","Head of Product GTM Strategy","Industry Experts"]
  • Darryl Rogers

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Midstream Oil & NGL Research and Consulting

    ["Darryl Rogers","S&P Global","Vice President, Midstream Oil & NGL Research and Consulting","Industry Experts"]
  • Andrew Ryba


    Associate Partner

    ["Andrew Ryba","McKinsey","Associate Partner","Industry Experts"]
  • Juan Sacoto

    S&P Global

    Executive Director, Agribusiness Consulting

    ["Juan Sacoto","S&P Global","Executive Director, Agribusiness Consulting","Industry Experts"]
  • Sheida Sahandy


    Chief Sustainability Officer

    ["Sheida Sahandy","ENCINA","Chief Sustainability Officer","Industry Experts"]
  • Samu Salo

    IFC World Bank Group

    Senior Industry Advisor

    ["Samu Salo","IFC World Bank Group","Senior Industry Advisor","Industry Experts"]
  • Sandeep Sayal

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Downstream Energy Research

    ["Sandeep Sayal","S&P Global","Vice President, Downstream Energy Research","Industry Experts"]
  • Joel Schappell


    TradeLens Global Go-to-Market Leader and Business Unit Executive

    ["Joel Schappell","IBM","TradeLens Global Go-to-Market Leader and Business Unit Executive","Industry Experts"]
  • Stefan Schlag

    S&P Global

    Executive Director, Inorganic Chemicals, Minerals, Mining Chemicals

    ["Stefan Schlag","S&P Global","Executive Director, Inorganic Chemicals, Minerals, Mining Chemicals","Industry Experts"]
  • Jeremy Schmidt

    FiTech Fuel Injection


    ["Jeremy Schmidt","FiTech Fuel Injection","Software/Calibration/Co-founder","Industry Experts"]
  • Sanjay Sharma

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Middle East & India, Chemical Consulting

    ["Sanjay Sharma","S&P Global","Vice President, Middle East & India, Chemical Consulting","Industry Experts"]
  • Ken Sherman



    ["Ken Sherman","IntelliTrans","President","Industry Experts"]
  • Steve Sikra

    Alliance to End Plastic Waste

    Vice President & Head of the Americas

    ["Steve Sikra","Alliance to End Plastic Waste","Vice President & Head of the Americas","Industry Experts"]
  • Upendra Singh

    International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC)

    Vice President, Research

    ["Upendra Singh","International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC)","Vice President, Research","Industry Experts"]
  • Lynn Stacy

    OEC Group Liquid Logistics Solutions

    Managing Director

    ["Lynn Stacy","OEC Group Liquid Logistics Solutions","Managing Director","Industry Experts"]
  • Mukesh Surana

    Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)

    Chairman/ Managing Director

    ["Mukesh Surana","Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)","Chairman/ Managing Director","Industry Experts"]
  • Bala Suresh

    S&P Global

    Executive Director

    ["Bala Suresh","S&P Global","Executive Director","Industry Experts"]
  • Mark Szakonyi

    S&P Global

    Executive Editor, JOC.com and The Journal of Commerce, Maritime & Trade

    ["Mark Szakonyi","S&P Global","Executive Editor, JOC.com and The Journal of Commerce, Maritime & Trade","Industry Experts"]
  • Mark Thomas

    S&P Global

    Markets Editor, Chemical Week

    ["Mark Thomas","S&P Global","Markets Editor, Chemical Week","Industry Experts"]
  • Christine Thoms-Knox

    Bechtel Energy

    Manager, Innovation

    ["Christine Thoms-Knox","Bechtel Energy","Manager, Innovation","Industry Experts"]
  • Olivier Thorel

    Saudi Aramco

    Vice President, Chemicals

    ["Olivier Thorel","Saudi Aramco","Vice President, Chemicals","Industry Experts"]
  • Mitch Toomey

    BASF Corporation

    Director, Sustainability

    ["Mitch Toomey","BASF Corporation","Director, Sustainability","Industry Experts"]
  • Jihad Traya

    Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

    Business Development and Feedstock Strategist

    ["Jihad Traya","Alberta’s Industrial Heartland","Business Development and Feedstock Strategist","Industry Experts"]
  • Gabriele Unger

    Together for Sustainability (TfS)

    General Manager

    ["Gabriele Unger","Together for Sustainability (TfS)","General Manager","Industry Experts"]
  • Cor F. van Egmond

    Bechtel Energy Technology Solutions

    Technology Manager

    ["Cor F. van Egmond","Bechtel Energy Technology Solutions","Technology Manager","Industry Experts"]
  • Pradeep Venkataraman

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America

    Senior Manager

    ["Pradeep Venkataraman","Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America","Senior Manager","Industry Experts"]
  • Liliana Viciu

    S&P Global

    Director, Renewables & Nutrition

    ["Liliana Viciu","S&P Global","Director, Renewables & Nutrition","Industry Experts"]
  • Frank Vingerhoets

    Katoen Natie


    ["Frank Vingerhoets","Katoen Natie","President","Industry Experts"]
  • Colleen Walsh

    IBM Consulting

    Enterprise strategy practice leader & global partner, Industrial Industries

    ["Colleen Walsh","IBM Consulting","Enterprise strategy practice leader & global partner, Industrial Industries","Industry Experts"]
  • Rob Westervelt

    S&P Global Commodity Insights

    Editor in Chief, Chemical Week

    ["Rob Westervelt","S&P Global Commodity Insights","Editor in Chief, Chemical Week","Industry Experts"]
  • Mike Wiman

    S&P Global

    Associate Director, Industry Solutions, Maritime & Trade

    ["Mike Wiman","S&P Global","Associate Director, Industry Solutions, Maritime & Trade","Industry Experts"]
  • Nathalie Wlodarczyk

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Risk Intelligence Solutions

    ["Nathalie Wlodarczyk","S&P Global","Vice President, Risk Intelligence Solutions","Industry Experts"]
  • Lisa Wood

    S&P Global

    Executive Director, Specialty Chemical Consulting

    ["Lisa Wood","S&P Global","Executive Director, Specialty Chemical Consulting","Industry Experts"]
  • Fu Xiangsheng

    China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF)

    Vice Chairman

    ["Fu Xiangsheng","China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF)","Vice Chairman","Industry Experts"]
  • Yating Xu

    S&P Global

    Senior Economist

    ["Yating Xu","S&P Global","Senior Economist","Industry Experts"]
  • Sophia Yao

    S&P Global Platts

    Editor, Petrochemical, Asia

    ["Sophia Yao","S&P Global Platts","Editor, Petrochemical, Asia","Industry Experts"]
  • Ming Ye

    Wanhua Chemical Group

    Deputy General Manager, Polyurethane Business Unit

    ["Ming Ye","Wanhua Chemical Group","Deputy General Manager, Polyurethane Business Unit","Industry Experts"]
  • Ash Zaheer

    IBM Global Markets

    Global Leader, Chemicals and Petroleum Digital Transformation

    ["Ash Zaheer","IBM Global Markets","Global Leader, Chemicals and Petroleum Digital Transformation","Industry Experts"]