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Urea: from the global predominance at present to a possible phase-out in a future decarbonized world

Friday, 25 March

9:50 am - 10:15 am (CST) / 25/mar/2022 02:50 pm - 25/mar/2022 03:15 pm
Urea (46% N) is the most concentrated solid nitrogenous fertilizer. Solid urea is by far the most important source of fertilizer nitrogen, accounting for some 55% of global nitrogen fertilizer use. Around 180 million tonnes of urea are produced each year. Urea is dominant today due to its high nitrogen content and greater convenience for handling, storage, transportation, and application compared to other nitrogen fertilizers. However, in the context of a sustainable future and decarbonization of the fertilizer sector, urea has the disadvantage as its production requires CO2 that is released again to the atmosphere when the fertilizer is used. To fully decarbonize nitrogen use in fertilizers may require a shift away from urea toward forms of nitrogen fertilizer that do not contain carbon. There are ongoing discussions in the fertilizer industry whether urea will be phased out in a future decarbonized world and how soon it will happen.
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