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Plastics Recycling Technology Landscape- The challenges in moving to a circular economy

Tuesday, 22 March

8:25 am - 8:45 am (CST) / 22/mar/2022 01:25 pm - 22/mar/2022 01:45 pm

The world is facing serious issues relating to the growing volumes of plastic waste. There is significant pressure on chemical makers to solve the plastic waste problem, and firms are increasingly exploring chemical recycling technologies that convert waste plastics into re-usable forms.

This presentation will explore the pace at which chemical recycling is evolving around the globe as a complement to traditional mechanical techniques. What’s their real potential for achieving plastic industry circularity? We will further discuss some of the findings from our Circular Plastic Services where we performed a techno-economic evaluation for all these existing and upcoming technologies. What kind of benefits do they bring to the table? How much investment will be required to attain complete plastics circularity? Will plastic recycling become the most economic source of plastic by 2050? What will be the impact of chemical recycling on carbon emissions? A comprehensive description of the technology aspects, current industry status across the globe, and major risk factors related to technology implementation will be discussed.

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