Specialty Chemical Industry Workshop

Full-day Workshop

With the ongoing transformation of the chemical industry into commodity and specialty oriented enterprises, it is imperative to have a good understanding of key industry fundamentals of the specialty chemical industry. This workshop reviews these fundamentals, starting with the definition and differences of specialties versus commodities and fine chemicals, and how specialty chemicals impact our daily lives.

Other topics to be covered include key market players, market segmentation by functionality, application areas and regions, importance of a strong service component, and key factors to be successful in the specialty chemicals business. Especially important for industry newcomers is that our instructors will clarify the technical jargon commonly used in the specialty-chemical industry.

As illustration of the above scope topics, various specialty chemical sectors with their markets and players will be presented. Demand drivers in the different regions will be compared and their outlook discussed.


One section offered: Tuesday, 20 March


  Dr. Mark Morgan, Global Director for Specialty Chemicals & Renewables Chemical Consulting, IHS Markit
Robin Waters, Director, Plastics Planning and Analysis, IHS Markit
Mark Wegenka, Managing Director, Chemical Consulting, IHS Markit


8:00am – 5:00pm

What Delegates will receive:

  • Admittance to evening “Welcome Reception”
  • Networking opportunities including breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks
  • Hard copy of workshop presentations
  • Certificates of course completion upon request

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants an overview of the key elements and profitability drivers of the specialty chemical industry, including industry newcomers and experienced workers needing a refresher or update. The course is designed to be of interest to both technical and non-technical people including business analysts, purchasing agents, sales & marketing personnel, researchers, process engineers, bankers and finance professionals, HR staff, as well as downstream processors.

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