Stan Chen

RecycleGO Inc.

President and CEO

Stan Chen is an innovator, leader and speaker at the intersection of sustainability and technology, serving as CEO of RecycleGO Inc., a technology and service provider that offers innovative sustainability solutions for post consumer waste. Stan envisions technology bringing recycling to new levels of profitability and diversion rates. An eco-entrepreneur, Stan combines his passion for sustainability with over 20 years of industry experience to shape the design of all RecycleGO software and programs so that services are both easy to implement and aligned with the future of materials management.

Stan also serves as President of United Metal Recycling, a fully-licensed Class A Recycling Facility, and has a deep knowledge of ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling. He believes integrity and profit go hand-in-hand, and prioritizes mutually-beneficial partnerships throughout the procurement and vending process.

A second generation recycler, Stan understands recyclable material as a renewable resource as well as commodity. Having experienced the shift from decades of international trade to the increasing need for domestic markets, Stan is dedicated to pioneering ever-innovative solutions for the scrap industry, the economy and the environment.

Stan holds a MLA in Information Technology from Harvard University, and a BA in Medical Science from Boston University. 

Sessions With Stan Chen

Tuesday, 22 March