Pradeep Venkataraman

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America

Senior Manager

Pradeep Venkataraman, Ph.D. focuses on fostering external innovations in climate technology through strategic investments and technology integration as a Senior Manager in the Investment and Business Development division at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America.

Pradeep has deep technical expertise in thermodynamics, molecular simulations, process design and catalysis. As a process development engineer, he has worked on technologies for hydrogen storage, carbon capture and storage and solvent reduction for heavy oil extraction. In addition to technology development and commercialization, Pradeep has spent the past three years in technology integration and value chain assessment of low carbon fuels including hydrogen and ammonia.

Pradeep earned his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from Laxminarayan Institute of Technology in Nagpur, India, and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Tulane University. He has authored several journal articles, written a book chapter and holds two patents on the solvent reduction in SAG-D process through viscosity reduction of heavy crude oil.

Prior to his current position at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Pradeep held positions at Rice University, Baker Hughes and ExxonMobil where he has scaled up CDR technologies and developed frameworks for quantitative molecular recognition.  

Sessions With Pradeep Venkataraman