Nina Butler

More Recycling


Nina Bellucci Butler is the CEO of More Recycling, a research and information technology firm with a mission to drive sustainable use of resources. The company’s information management system, relationships, and deep understanding of the plastics recycling landscape have made it the trusted organization to deliver the annual plastic recycling reports for the U.S. and Canada for more than 10 years. Nina and her team have also developed resources such as, Buy Recycled Plastics Directory, the Recycling Market Development Platform (coming soon), and the Film Drop-Off Directory on

Nina has been an industry leader and visionary providing key insights into sustainability for nearly 20 years. She believes in delivering unbiased guidance in navigating the role plastics play in the movement towards circular supply chains, valuing carbon, and reducing GHG emissions. Under Nina’s leadership, MORE also leads multi-stakeholder initiatives, the latest of which resulted in a “Roadmap to Plastic Recyclability” for packaging not currently accepted for recycling. She currently serves on the board of directors for the National Recycling Coalition and has a Masters of Environmental Management degree from Duke University, where she was also part of the Duke Environmental Leadership Program. She is the mother of two girls, a wife, and lives in Chapel Hill, NC. 

Sessions With Nina Butler

Monday, 8 March