Joonas Rauramo


Executive Vice President, Strategy and Industrial Partnerships

Joonas Rauramo has served as Executive Vice President for strategy and industrial partnerships in Coolbrook since October 2021. In Coolbrook he is responsible for corporate strategy, finance and building up industrial partnerships to develop and commercialize Coolbrook’s revolutionary rotating technology to electrify high temperature industrial processes in petrochemicals and beyond. Prior to joining Coolbrook, Mr. Rauramo worked 15 years with low carbon electricity production in one of Europe’s largest utility companies, Fortum. He has held various managerial and executive positions in strategy, M&A and business line roles, most recently as the Head of Business Area in Wind Power. Mr. Rauramo holds a master’s degree in Technology (Energy) from Helsinki University of Technology, and in Economics (Finance) from Aalto University of Economics.

Sessions With Joonas Rauramo