James Elliott

IHS Markit

Principal Analyst

James Elliott leads the MDI/TDI services at IHS Markit and is responsible for the development of the detailed supply/demand analysis, costs analysis, global price discovery and price forecasting of MDI and TDI, which contributes to IHS Markit’s MDI/TDI World Analysis services. James’s research has focussed on the global MDI and TDI markets since 2014. He has also covered the chlor-alkali, hydrochloric acid, PVC and bleaching chemicals markets and has worked across all IHS Markit’s chlor-vinyls services. James is a graduate of University College London where he obtained his Master's degree in Chemistry. He wrote his Master's thesis on the zinc and cadmium chalcogenides for third generation solar cell applications.

Sessions With James Elliott

Wednesday, 10 March