Gordon Kuo

IHS Markit

Research and Analysis Associate Director

Mr. Kuo is associate director on the Global Vinyls/Chlor-alkali team at IHS Markit. He specializes on the polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), and ethylene dichloride (EDC) markets in Asia and contributes to several of the IHS Markit reports on these topics. He has many years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the vinyls industry. He held multiple roles with Taiwan VCM Corporation (TVCM) and China General Plastics Corporation (CGPC), a USI Group member. His previous responsibilities include salt/ethylene/EDC procurement, VCM sales in Asia, VCM/PVC production and operation management, marketing and cost analysis, and integrated vinyls business strategy. He holds a master's degree in chemical engineering from National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

Sessions With Gordon Kuo

Thursday, 11 March