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Sumitomo HCl Oxidation Technology: A Quantum Leap towards Environmental Circularity and Net Zero

Tuesday, 22 March

11:00 am - 11:25 am (CST) / 22/mar/2022 04:00 pm - 22/mar/2022 04:25 pm
Sumitomo Chemical’s hydrogen chloride oxidation process, licensed exclusively by Technip Energies, is a low-energy chlorine production process, with wide-ranging potential applications in halogen recycling, HCl recycling from inorganic processes and chlorine recycling from waste plastics. Already licensed to numerous isocyanate companies worldwide, this technology utilizes a compact fixed bed reactor system containing a highly active and stable catalyst. Compared to the conventional processes for producing chlorine, the Sumitomo process consumes 85% to 93% less power, leading to a low carbon footprint while producing a higher purity chlorine. It is believed that the incorporation of the Sumitomo process into existing chlorine production or consumption processes will generally lead to the realization of environmental circularity through closed loop recycling processes.
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