Live Expert Panels

Participate in discussions and hear experts discuss strategic assessments, outlooks, and new developments

  • The addition of large integrated refinery petrochemical sites in mainland China has started to reshape the aromatics business as the country becomes more self-sufficient. China is importing less product from other regions and trade routes are becoming more competitive as producers seek alternative markets. The application of antidumping duties between various countries has magnified the need to build new trade links. The Aromatics and Fibers presentations will discuss how COVID19 has affected demand for each product and how market dynamics will evolve over the next five years.
  • Chlor-alkali, vinyls and soda ash markets are finding fresh footing after major disruptions in 2020 due to the pandemic. What is the new direction for each of these chemical families, and what strategic issues will chart the course of each market? The Inorganics breakout track will provide attendees with a strategic assessment of the three inorganic chemicals families, provide regional market outlooks, explore forecasts for key inorganic chemical derivatives, and survey regional and country sustainability goals with an assessment of how the goals will impact the chlor-alkali, vinyls and soda ash markets.
  • COVID, Capacity: additions and rationalizations, when will we see a Comeback for industry margins? 

    COVID vaccines have been developed which offers optimism for reopening of economies and a return to historical olefin demand growth. The big issue is the overbuild in capacity in the world of olefins during 2020 and that anticipated to start up in 2022 and 2023. Without rationalization, it will take time to absorb the overbuild. Will rationalization of less competitive assets play a role in a quicker return of margins.

  • Protecting Our Health, Building Our Future 

    The fight against Covid 19 would not be possible without the chemical industry. Not all parts of the industry have taken a demand hit; indeed sectors such as surfactants and biocides have seen a spike in demand. We will present a segment by segment overview of the specialties industry highlighting winners and losers of the pandemic; deep dive presentations on the weapons involved in the fight eg hand sanitizer ingredients and the non-woven fabrics used in protective masks; as well as a look at some high demand growth materials essential to the future growth of our economies, such as battery raw materials and high performance thermoplastics.

  • The pandemic and the energy transition are fundamentally reshaping oil markets and will have a profound impact on petrochemical feedstocks. Get a full dose of IHS Markit’s view from crude oil and NGL markets to refinery-grade propylene and reformate supplies and most everything in between. Gain insights from our deep-dive multiclient on the refining-petrochemical interface and the economics of COTC, brownfield major yield-shifting projects and how we expect fuels and feedstocks markets to balance, even in a net zero world.