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How will low-carbon economy change the market landscape of sulphur?

Friday, 25 March

11:35 am - 12:00 pm (CST) / 25/mar/2022 04:35 pm - 25/mar/2022 05:00 pm
Sulphur market has been booming over the last year, thanks to greater awareness of food security and energy investors pulling money out of fossil fuel. With global economy edging back to the new post-pandemic norms, sulphur supply is expected to recover, and the market is set to rebalance. However, the sulphur market is embracing new challenges and opportunities, with the governments pursuing low-carbon growth. A new wave of spending is underway to swing the global energy market away from the traditional fossil fuel resources. The need for decarbonization could cause more supply disruptions of sulphur. Uneven ‘green policy’ will intensify regional imbalances. In contrast, faster penetration of electric vehicle will provide upward potential for sulphur and sulphuric acid demand. This presentation will focus on how the supply and demand landscapes will evolve through an emerging the new energy era.
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