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CO2 Free Power Generation: A dream within a nightmare?

Tuesday, 22 March

10:35 am - 11:00 am (CST) / 22/mar/2022 03:35 pm - 22/mar/2022 04:00 pm

Global carbon emissions continue to increase. Net-zero emissions targets and decarbonization ambitions are driving demand for carbon sequestration and utilization solutions. The Allam cycle, also known as the Allam-Fetvedt cycle, is a promising recent development in the search for low carbon power. It uses supercritical CO2 as the operating medium to support the oxycombustion of natural gas. The technology is being commercialized by NetPower (Durham, N.C.) who has built a 25 MW demonstration unit at La Porte, Texas; operating since early 2020. They are currently developing a 300 MW commercial unit. In this presentation we examine the economics of generating electric power from natural gas via the Allam cycle. Our basis of design is an Nth implementation at 300 MW. We present capital cost and levelized cost of electricity estimates. We also present a side-by-side comparison with a 300 MW NGCC unit by which we estimate the cost of CO2 avoided.

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