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Bringing Critical Intelligence from Global Experts together at our virtual World Petrochemical Conference

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WPC 2020 Online: Expert Insight and Analysis at Your Fingertips 

Forging New Futures Now and Beyond COVID-19 and the Crude Oil Crash

The energy, chemical and petrochemical industries have never faced such a shockwave of events colliding in such quick succession. The COVID-19 pandemic and the collapse in crude oil prices are shaking an industry already facing the prospect of oversupply and a slowdown in economic growth, leaving many in the industry scrambling for answers. Access to timely information, analysis, insights and outlooks amid such turbulence has never been more imperative than it is right now. 

  • What are possible scenarios from these circumstances? 
  • How will COVID-19’s widespread impact on world economies hit the chemical sector, and how long will it last? 
  • What is the outlook for crude oil amidst geopolitical conflicts? 
  • What will supply-demand in various product chains look like? 
  • How can the industry navigate this storm and come out ahead? 
  • What does a world beyond COVID-19 look like? 
  • What should you do to prepare for it? 

WPC 2020 Online provides that critical information: up-to-date expert insight, outlooks beyond the current crises, forecasts and analyses into the long-term ramifications that the energy, chemical, and petrochemical industries will face in the coming months and years. IHS Markit and other industry experts will present the timely data you need to support business planning and strategic direction for the next 6 months and beyond during this especially difficult time for the world economy.

WPC 2020 Online will offer: 

  • Downloadable PDF presentations of 80+ breakout track and special program sessions from experts in IHS Markit and other leading organizations
  • Access to the WPC 2020 Online Forums: more than 15 digital webcast of live sessions providing updates from expert panelists and the opportunity to get answers to your questions. 
    • These forums will also be recorded and made accessible on-demand for those who cannot attend live. View the full lineup of live sessions on the WPC 2020 Online Forums agenda
  • Access to premium content provided by WPC partners showcasing thought leadership and subject matter expertise via their solutions 

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This is a registration-only opportunity and provides attendees the ability to get the most up-to-the-minute forecasts and data during a time of unprecedented market turmoil and an uncertain future. Make sure you reserve your spot to join the WPC 2020 Online virtual program to take advantage of petrochemical industry insight and analysis when it matters most.

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20/20 Vision: Forging New Futures

Geopolitical conflict and energy sustainability are growing concerns for the petrochemical industry across the globe, forcing organizations to adapt to a new future amid a sweeping market shift. How will the industry keep pace with and balance the factors influencing change? Will organizations be able to drive growth amid headwinds? How will the next phase of the industry be different than the past? What does this new ecosystem mean for the future of the petrochemicals market?

The 35th Annual World Petrochemical Conference hosted by IHS Markit will prepare you for market changes coming in the next decade.

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Hear top executives from major international organizations discuss their strategic plans heading into 2020 and beyond. Listen to discussions on investment trends, the energy market transition, government policy and political implications, sustainability concerns and the drive towards a circular economy and more.

Attend breakout sessions to get micro-level data on aromatics & fiber intermediates, feedstocks & refining integration, inorganics & derivatives, specialty chemicals and olefins. Participate in special programs and workshops to take a deep dive into transportation and logistics, China and Latin American petrochemical markets, green fertilizer initiatives and technology in refining, petrochemicals and plastics manufacturing.

Attendees of WPC 2020 will leave with the insight needed now to drive profitability while embracing sustainability, and the foresight to anticipate challenges around the corner in the years ahead.

WPC 2020 by the numbers:


What brings attendees to the World Petrochemical Conference?

Naushad Jamani, SVP, Olefins and Feedstock, NOVA Chemicals shares his thoughts

What brings attendees to the World Petrochemical Conference?

Joe Thompson, SVP GM Downstream and Chemicals, Bechtel comments

2020 Breakout Track Topics

  • Track 1 – Aromatics & Fiber Intermediates
  • Track 2 – Feedstock & Refining Integration
  • Track 3 – Inorganics & Derivatives
  • Track 4 – Olefins, Feedstocks & Derivatives
  • Track 5 – Specialties & Intermediates

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