WPC 2021

Chemical Renaissance

Building Resilience, Agility and Innovation in a Enhanced Global Role 

8-12 March 2021

Chemical Renaissance: Building Resilience, Agility, and Innovation in an Enhanced Global Role

Recent months have served to accentuate the central role played by the chemical sector in our global economy. 

After several years of bonanza, producers were in anticipating some leaner times in 2020 and beyond, as the volume of new capacity announcements that emerged,  under the US shale gas boom turned into a wave of new output, at a time of slowing global demand. 

Many commodity products have been squeezed by reduced economic activity under the global COVID -19 pandemic. However, products of the chemical industry have been highlighted as essential to future standards of living. 

Notably, bans and legislation affecting single use plastics items have been slowed or reversed as hygiene factors have been prioritised in purchasing activity. At the same time, efforts to eradicate plastics waste and lead to a more circular economy have been intensified. 

Stepping back and looking at efforts to manage climate change, shows us that many critical processes towards climate change, sustainability and energy transition require products of the chemical industry in the form of new lightweight materials, insulating material, catalysts, batteries and electrical components and other enablers to climate goals. 

At the household and consumer level, hygiene products, sanitizers and protective wear are of vital importance. 

At the 2021 World Petrochemical Conference, we will hear about the progress towards a better climate and society and the vital role of chemicals in everyday life. 

Please be sure to join us March 8-12, 2021 for a dazzling array of live sessions and top deck interviews. Deep expert sessions based on unequalled data and analytics will be available from 60+ experts in all major petrochemical and specialty chemical families; plus, learning workshops with fast track access to everything needed for deep knowledge of specific industry sectors and business processes.